Wellness & Spa
Rössle’s indulgence oasis

Wonderful days, unforgettable moments that satisfy the deepest needs – balm for the soul.

  • Indoor pool with counter-current machine
  • Whirlpool with lounge zone
  • Salt pool
  • Finnish sauna
  • Ice well
  • Infrared cabin
  • Aroma pool
  • Tea bar in our laminated spruce tranquillity cube
  • Tranquillity room
  • Free pure mountain spring water


Wellness & Spa
Swimming pool

Water is life – “Sana per Aquam.” A saying as old as it is wise.
When it comes to health and beauty, the magic word is “Sana per Aquam.”

Immerse yourself in our water world, including a splendid pool with a counter-current machine, for a relaxed and restorative day.
Water invigorates body and soul whilst at the same time acts refreshing and relaxing.

Swimming improves muscle strength and strengthens the immune system because all the body’s muscles are in motion.

“The body is a visible translation of the soul” (C.Morgenstern)


Wellness & Spa
Sauna landscape

Select natural aromas, premium quality alpine herbs and natural products help make your body stronger and more beautiful, restoring your zest for life.

Regular sauna sessions have a beneficial long-term impact on the body’s defences… A visit to the sauna isn’t just an opportunity to enjoy pleasant temperatures of up to 90 degrees celsius. Sweating sessions stimulate the body’s defences.

  • The entire body is cleansed
  • Muscles are relaxed.
  • Blood pressure can be reduced.
  • The body’s entire circulatory system and metabolism are boosted.
  • Skincare is improved (ageing of the skin is slowed)
  • The bronchial tubes widen